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Linking the basic psychological needs and motivation to transfer: a structural equation model


Christian Jaramillo Baquerizo

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Fondo de Investigaciones Profesores de Planta

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To improve the quality of education, universities organize professional development initiatives (PDI) for their teachers, expecting them to apply the acquired knowledge and skills to the workplace. Yet, transfer does not necessarily occur and is to a large extent dependent upon teachers’ motivation to transfer. What remains poorly understood today are the factors and processes contributing university teachers’ motivation to transfer. Therefore, the present study, grounded in Self-Determination Theory (SDT), sought to investigate whether university teachers’ experienced satisfaction of their psychological needs – for autonomy, competence, and relatedness during a PDI – relates to their motivation to transfer. Structural Equation Modeling analyses were performed to a large sample of university teachers (N = 409; Mage = 48.43) enrolled in various PDI at two major Ecuadorian universities. The results suggest that need satisfaction significantly predicts university teachers’ autonomous motivation to transfer compared to a controlled motivation to transfer. These results and its implications are discussed.