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Design and implementation of a need-supportive professional development initiative in higher education: An analysis on its influence on teachers’ motivation to transfer


Christian Jaramillo Baquerizo

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Fondo de Investigaciones Profesores de Planta

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An expected outcome after teachers attend a professional development initiative (PDI) in the context of higher education, is for transfer to take effect, that is, to apply their learning to a new context. However, transfer does not always occur due to the numerous variables simultaneously influencing the transfer process. Among these influencing variables, motivation to transfer is consistently identified as an important predictor. Nevertheless, the number of studies showing how to motivate participants to transfer is scarce. Applying Self-Determination Theory (SDT), a need-supportive PDI aimed at enhancing university teachers’ motivation to transfer was designed. To understand its influence this study analyses the results of a study where an experimental group of university teachers experienced a need-supportive PDI and a controlled group of university teachers attended regular PDI offered at the same institution. Results from this mixed-methods study suggest that university teachers participating in the need-supportive PDI appreciate elements of need support, thus influencing their need satisfaction and motivation to transfer. The results and the implications of this study are discussed.

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