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Alternatives in a World of Crisis

Alternatives in a World of Crisis

Editores: Miriam Lang Claus-Dieter König, Miriam Lang, Ada Regelman

Ciudad: Bruselas

Casa Editorial: Universidad Andina Simón Bolívar / Fundación Rosa Luxemburg, Bruselas / Global Working Group Beyond Development

Año: 2018

Número de páginas: 304

Formato: 16 x 22 cm

ISBN: 978- 9978-19-851-3


Our world is facing a multidimensional crisis arising from the very civiliza­tional foundations that capitalist modernity is built on: economic growth, instrumental and destructive societal relations with Nature, a blind belief in science and technology and a rational, profit-maximizing, and individualistic understanding of humanity. These bases have not only produced a specific set of problems, including an unprecedented level of ecological destruction. They also shape the possible solutions that are envisioned and often only aggravate the status quo.

Since World War II, the narrative of development has been a very effective instrument in expanding capitalist social and economic relations into the postcolonial world. In the name of development and modernization, a broad variety of other modes of being in the world and understanding it have been labeled as poor, backward, and obsolete. Seeking alternatives beyond devel­opment therefore means seeking alternatives beyond this civilization that has led us into this crisis.

This book, which is the result of a group effort, intends to contribute to the urgently needed collective inquiries taking into view new theoretical and polit­ical paradigms of social transformation. In six case studies from all over the world and one concluding chapter, it seeks to address simultaneously the complex relations between class, race, coloniality, gender, and Nature, as it is precisely their historical entanglements and interdependencies that configure the civilizational bases of the system we face.

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1. Nigeria

Niger Delta: Community and Resistance

2. Venezuela

The Bolivarian Experience: A Struggle to Transcend Capitalism

3. Ecuador

Nabón County: Building Living Well from the Bottom up

4. India

Mendha-Lekha: Forest Rights and Self-Empowerment

5. Spain

Barcelona en Comú: The Municipalist Movement to Seize the Institutions

4. Greece

Athens and Thessaloniki: Bottom-up Solidarity Alternatives in Times of Crisis


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