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Representaciones y autorepresentaciones del migrante nacional en el audiovisual de productores ecuatorianos locales y residentes en el exterior: análisis discursivo de la narrativa nacional


Iván Rodrigo Mendizábal

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Fondo de Investigaciones Profesores Contratados

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Representaciones del migrante nacional en el cine y el video de productores ecuatorianos locales y residentes en el exterior
1. Introducción
2. Metodología
3. Marco referencial
4. Hallazgos
5. Discusión
6. Conclusiones

This is a research report about the migrant representations in the national film and video produced by local or living abroad Ecuadorians. For this purpose, a set of eight dramatic fiction films made in Ecuador, Spain and the U.S. by ecuadorian filmmakers and video artists was chosen and examined. The analysis, taking into account the perspective of visual studies and of the discourse, implied the development of a new tool to address such representations expecting to denotate the underlying audiovisual speech. This array of critical discourse analysis, in particular audiovisual, placed us in the role of critical viewer. From there we located the narrative-discursive structures, world-systems, concept maps of the Ecuadorian audiovisual that shows the phenomenon of transnacional migration. We analyzed the strategies of representation and found that the current Ecuadorian films and videos raise the discussion about the country, what happens with the social and moral crisis that seems to exist, the role of Ecuadorian society, the dream of owning a new Home. We conclude that the national film and video highlight the role of migrants as important to promote free movement and the humanization of all relations in globalization.