Liu Baocheng

Director, Center for International Business Ethics & Center for Green Entrepreneurship, University of International Business and Economics, China and Current Affairs Commentator, CCTV-News/CRI

Dr. Liu earned his MBA and MSc in International Business from Seton Hall University, bachelor degree in International Trade and PhD in Law from University of International Business and Economics(UIBE). He was the founder and dean to Sino-US School of International Management and Sino-French School of International Management after serving as the executive associate dean for the International School of Excellence at UIBE. His area of research and teaching covers a variety of disciplines including marketing, business ethics, cross-cultural communication and business law.

He is the winner of National Teaching Excellence Award in 2008.

Dr. Liu published extensively in the area of international business, ethics and law.

Besides research and teaching, he served on the management of London Export Corporation, Union Merchant Overseas Corporation and Cathay Trading Ltd, president and CEO of Unigene Biotechnology Inc., Chief Representative of Herborium Inc., and Chairman of Novark Consulting. His hands-on business experience covers international trade, joint venture management, marketing research and legal service. Herborium Inc. co-founded by him was publicly listed on Nasdaq in September 2006.

He is on the council of World Economic Forum, advisory board to the Department of European Affairs under Ministry of Commerce and China Foreign Expert Bureau, member of China Social and Economic Council, Council Member of China Business Ethics Society.

As a founder and director of the Center for International Business Ethics and the Center for Green Entrepreneurship, his research focus is shifting to the area of culture, ethics and sustainable development. He also created the first master degree program on sustainable development between China and France.

As current affairs commentator, he regularly voices his opinions on CCTV, RTTV, BBC and CRI.